Ground Cherry, Cossack Pineapple


Ground Cherry, Cossack Pineapple

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Ground Cherry, Cossack Pineapple (Physalis peruviana)

Ground cherries are unusual fruits with a distinct pineapple taste. Similar to their tomatillo relatives, the 1/2" fruits are enclosed in a papery husk and hang underneath the sprawling plant like small lanterns. Once fully ripe, fruits turn yellow with a dry husk and drop to the ground. A wonderful choice for children’s gardens. Plant at least 2 plants for cross-pollination. Move over, kale – we predict that this sweet garden surprise is about to be the next big food trend.

  • Full sun
  • Start indoors in April, sow seeds 1/4” deep
  • Transplant after frost: May-June at 3 feet spacing.
  • 70 days until maturity
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