Mizuna (L) and Arugula (R), 2013.

Mizuna (L) and Arugula (R), 2013.

Founding Partners

Eric Kampe

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering, Eric spent several years working in automotive and electrical engineering. In 2007, he started volunteering at Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce, a local farm in Boulder, CO with strengths in both traditional CSA and market models as well as a pioneering seed cultivation business. Eric left engineering in 2007 to work at Abbo full time, which provided him with excellent training in the world of local farming and seed saving. Eric is looking forward to growing and selling seeds in the Ann Arbor area, and contributing to the local food ethos of Southeast Michigan, where he was born and raised.

Meredith Kahn

A fellow Michigander and University of Michigan alum, Meredith is the daughter of dairy farmers and the granddaughter of general store owners. With a hand in much of what happens outside of the greenhouse and field, she's responsible for business planning, marketing, and our web presence. When not on the farm, she's a librarian at the University of Michigan.


Ann Arbor Seed Company cultivates open-pollinated vegetable and ornamental seeds in Washtenaw County, Michigan. We grow seeds and provide educational opportunities for local gardeners, farmers, and anyone in Southeast Michigan with a commitment to sustainable agriculture. As a small business founded by people who love good food, we seek to play an active and unique role in Ann Arbor’s farming community, contributing to its health, wealth, diversity, and longevity.